Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.


“Look forward and spearhead change. Create a bright future for the global community collectively with reliable technologies and advanced solutions.”'

We aim to realize a sustainable society through collaborative creation with a wide range of stakeholders in line with Our Mission: Look forward and spearhead change. Create a bright future for the global community collectively with reliable technologies and advanced solutions.”

Activity policy

Reinforcing our Management Foundation

We promote the reinforcement of our management foundation with an emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, including ecofriendly activities, compliance with laws and regulations, promotion of diversity, and the creation of a comfortable working environment.

Creating Value through Business

We work to create value in collaboration with our customers, partners, and a wide range of other stakeholders, as well as to generate new solutions that contribute to solving social issues.

Wide-reaching Social Contribution Activities to Build the Society of the Future

We promote interactive communication with local communities through social contribution activities related to our business activities, employee volunteer activities, and other charity work.


In addition to efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and conserve energy, we also develop ecofriendly products and services and provide solutions with the goal of becoming a decarbonized company.

Concept of EMS Action Policy

To achieve the Group’s Environmental Vision, we work to reduce our environmental impact through our business activities that take the entire value chain into account, from information and telecommunications equipment and software through to system solutions and services, in line with the Hitachi Group’s Digital Systems & Services Environmental Policy.

Environmentally conscious Initiatives

In order to achieve our Environmental Vision, we engage in environmentally conscious initiatives, such as working to realize an advanced recycling society by promoting the sustainable use of resources.


In addition to generating social innovation, we also provide a working environment where a diverse range of personnel are able to play active roles, work to ensure that human rights are respected throughout our value chain, and engage in a wide range of social contribution activities to help build the society of the future.

Activities to Generate Innovation

We promote company-wide strategies to generate innovation, including up-front investments in businesses that will lead to increased environmental, social, and economic value, online collaborative creation venues that promote digital transformation, research strategies focused on the field of sustainability, and the use of intellectual property rights.

Human Capital

We view our employees as valuable corporate assets and focus on fostering a culture in which everyone is able to grow and work with vibrance and enthusiasm. In order to create value and continue to grow in the future, we aim to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and promote innovation by leveraging the diverse values and experiences of our employees.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect human rights and all other rights of all people. In compliance with the Hitachi Group Human Rights Policy, we work to ensure respect for the human rights of our employees, customers, business partners, and everyone else throughout our entire value chain.

Value Chain Management

We promote sustainable procurement and work to build relationships of trust with our suppliers and business partners. We also conduct quality assurance from a third-party perspective and strive to maintain communication with our customers and other stakeholders.

Social Contribution Activities

We promote interactive communication with local communities through social contribution activities related to our business activities, employee volunteer activities, and other charity work.


In accordance with Our Mission, we are keenly aware that a company is a member of society and work to improve our corporate governance. We also ensure thorough compliance with laws and regulations based on the Hitachi Group Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which applies to all Hitachi Group companies.

Corporate Governance and Internal Controls

Based on Our Mission, we are committed to fair and transparent corporate behavior. We develop internal controls in a way that integrates the perspectives of group management, legal requirements, and social requirements, thereby enhancing the corporate value of the entire Group.


We are sincere in our dealings with all of our stakeholders and place the highest value on building and maintaining relationships of trust. To strengthen these bonds of trust, we hold to high ethical standards, comply with all applicable laws and regulations in countries and regions in which we operate, and respect proper business practices.

Information Security

In light of our role to provide support for corporate management and various aspects of social infrastructure, we strive to incorporate the most up-to-date information security measures in accordance with the Hitachi Group Security Policy and work continuously and diligently to ensure security.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

We have established and maintain the readiness of contingency systems, responses to large-scale disasters, and countermeasures to cyber-attacks, as well as systems for confirming the safety of employees and their families.

Digital Transformation

We work to digitally transform our management infrastructure, to accelerate the development of data-driven management and digital marketing, and to foster personnel competent with digital technologies. We are also committed to aiding our customers and society as a whole in achieving digital transformation by providing our expertise in these areas.

Business Activities Contributing to Sustainability

Experts Help Working Women Resolve Health Concerns: “LYSITHEA / Services to Support Women’s Participation and Advancement”

There is a growing interest in well-being and human capital management, one aspect of which is the promotion of women’s participation and advancement in the workplace. We provide services that support an environment in which women’s health issues and concerns can be addressed at an early stage so that women are not hindered in continuing to work with vibrance and enthusiasm.

Contributing to Carbon Neutrality: “Global SCM* Simulation Service”

To become carbon neutral, it is urgently necessary to take steps to reduce CO₂ emissions. We provide a service that simulates restructuring supply chains to take CO₂ emissions into consideration.

※ : Supply Chain Management