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Environment-friendly products and services

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

For promoting our environmental activities, Hitachi Solutions has built an EMS(Environmental Management System).
This EMS is based on ISO14001 as a member of the Information & Telecommunication Systems Company, Hitachi, Ltd.

Green Procurement

Based on the "Green Procurement Guidelines" stipulated by the Hitachi Group, Hitachi Solutions is promoting the purchasing of environmentally friendly hardware and equipment from green suppliers. "StarBoard" observes regulations introduced by countries such as the EU, to which Hitachi Solutions products are exported, including the RoHS Directive and the WEEE Directive, and even complies with the REACH Regulation.

Proper Management of Chemical Substances

Hitachi Solutions owns business sites that handle chemical substances in order to conduct research into the life sciences and other areas. For the proper control of chemical substances, we established a chemical management system that guides researchers and employees in handling chemicals. In addition, education and training are regularly offered to solidify the chemical management system.

Development of EcoSoft

At Hitachi Solutions, we are working to develop software that is effective in reducing environmental impacts (EcoSoft). We assess all of our packaged products and services and register them as eco-products. In addition, we also strive for reduced environmental impact when developing, maintaining, and servicing systems for individual clients.
We have set eight eco-conscious perspectives on which the work, including system development, is based.

  • Resource saving
  • Energy saving
  • Long-term usability
  • Reusability
  • Environmental reliability
  • Ecosystem
  • Environmental conservation
  • Information provision

Development of EcoSoft, SI-LCA

Environment Impact Assessment Method "SI-LCA"

In cooperation with the Hitachi Group, Hitachi Solutions has developed the environment impact assessment method "SI-LCA" for quantitatively evaluating a product's environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from development to disposal, in terms of CO2 emissions. We can now quantify the achievable amount of reduction in the environmental impact of a product. SI-LCA was developed based on the Eco-Efficiency Potential Assessment Guidelines for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) FY2005.



·Positive Benefit vs Negative Benefit

Positive Benefit vs Negative Benefit

The case of evaluation by SI-LCA for GeoMation Farm system

GeoMation Farm (Agriculture Information Management System)

GeoMation Farm supports to foster agriculture, contributes to reduce environmental impact by utilizing ICT.

  • By using satellite imagery, GeoMation Farm can classify each wheat field in terms of the growth status. From this information, farmers can harvest at the appropriate timing and reduce 33%1) CO2 emission for drying.
  • By utilizing ICT, the use of all farming resources including soil, fertilizers, and agrichemicals can be optimized, reducing wasteful consumption.
  • Award
    ·u-JAPAN Grand Prize 2008, Environmental Category Award
    ·Green IT Promotion Council, Chairman Award 2008
    ·ECO Products Grand Prize, Chariman Award

1) The evaluation results are found using SI-LCA. SI-LCA:System Integration-Life Cycle Assessment is the registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.

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