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Hitachi Solutions Group's Concept of EMS Action Policy

With the leadership of top management, Hitachi Solutions Group said, "We will contribute to the development of our customers and the global society through the provision of reliable technologies and advanced solutions under the Hitachi spirit.” We will build and operate the environmental management system of this site in accordance with “Hitachi's Environmental Vision(*1)” and SSB Integrated EMS Environmental Policy, taking into account “SDGs(*2)” and “Society5.0(*3)”.

(*1):“Hitachi will resolve environmental issues and achieve both a higher quality of life and a sustainable society through its Social Innovation Business, in collaborative creation with its stakeholders,”

(*2):Abbreviation of “Sustainable Development Goals” for 2016 through 2030, which was introduced in “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted in the UN Summit in September, 2015.

(*3):A concept of future society which Japan propounds. Catch-phrase for the 5th period which is updated every 5 year under the Science and Technology Basic Plan.

Site EMS action policy

We, at Hitachi Solutions Group, have a corporate philosophy of “Guided by, contribute to the growth of our customers and the global community via unique solutions based on reliable technologies”.
Under the leadership of top management, we will construct and operate our environmental management system.

  • We will formulate appropriate goals, including the nature, scale, and environmental impact of its activities. We will weigh these factors alongside the environmental aspects of its business operations and act to prevent pollution and contribute to sustainable societies.
    1. Realization of "Reducing Environmental Impact" through business activities that take environmental imperatives into account.
      These efforts seek to reduce environmental impact through business activities that account for entire life cycles: from development and design, sales, maintenance across all business fields, including system-integration, services, products and packages.
    2. Realization of "Low-Carbon Societies" through climate change mitigation.
      These efforts seek to reduce energy consumption through direct energy savings at offices involved in business activities, as well as energy savings achieved through use of more efficient products.
    3. Realization of "Advanced Recycling-Oriented Societies" by using sustainable resources.
      These efforts seek to reduce the waste products generated by business activities and to reduce/reuse the resources.
    4. Preserving biodiversity and ecosystems to build societies that coexist with nature.
      Conscious of environmental conservation activities through business activities and conduct environmental conservation such as participation in cleaning activities in the area around the business site.
  • In addition to identifying its obligations ensuring operations comply with such obligations, we will make all due corrections in the event nonconformities are discovered.
  • We will continually improve this EMS to improve environmental performance.

(Environmental Slogan)
"Bequeathing a Healthier Earth to Future Generations."

We will inform and disclose this site EMS action policy to all stakeholders and any person concerned  Hitachi Solutions' business operations.

April 1, 2021
Tsugio Yamamoto
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.