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We,at Hitachi Solutions,recognize that global environmental protection is a common issue for all humanity and thus we are contributing to environmental conservation through information technology.

Hitachi,Ltd., Information & Telecommunication System Company EMS Environmental Policy

Hitachi Solutions established the environmental management system based on ISO14001 as a member of the Information & Telecommunication Systems Company, Hitachi, Ltd.

Site EMS action policy

Guided by the Hitachi Spirit, Hitachi Solutions will contribute to the growth of our customers and the global community via unique solutions based on reliable technologies. Aiming to achieve a sustainable society via the key initiatives of "Global Warming Prevention," "Environmental Use of Resources" and "Biodiversity Conservation," we are actively promoting our environmental management system based on the following basic policies.

Environmental Slogan

“Bequeathing a Healthier Earth to Future Generations.”

  • We will distribute products and solutions (systems and services) effective in reducing the environmental impact.
  • We will strive to save resources and energy, promote green purchase and waste reduction, and conserve biodiversity in business activities.
  • We will strive to improve continuously and to prevent environmental contamination by means of establishing our environmental management system.
  • We will observe all environmental laws and regulations concerning the environmental aspects of Hitachi Solutions and other requirements which Hitachi Solutions is in agreement.
  • We will establish objectives and targets based on our environmental policy and review them on a regular basis or as necessary.
  • We will promote educational activities on environment to foster human resources who can spontaneously take eco-conscious actions as members of society.
  • We will inform and disclose this site EMS action policy to all stakeholders and any person concerned Hitachi Solutions' business operations.

* Note: This site EMS action policy also applies to Hitachi Solutions Business, Ltd., Hitachi Solutions Nexus, Ltd., and Hitachi Solutions Service, Ltd., within the Hitachi Solutions Group.

July 1, 2013
Kaichiro Sakuma
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.