Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Stakeholder Engagement

CSR Communications

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Hitachi Solutions starts with seeking to understand exactly what society needs from us, and responding to that need. Aiming to achieve more active communication with our stakeholders, we organize dialogues regarding our CSR.

Achieving social innovation by doing business in a socially responsible way

For the second consecutive year, Hitachi Solutions invited two experts in corporate social responsibility (CSR) to participate in a stakeholder dialogue meeting with senior management of the company, in front of a small audience of its employees. The meeting, which took place in May 2013, generated active discussions about topics such as social responsibility in global management and leveraging social responsibility to achieve the company's mid-term management plan targets.

CSR as a management challenge - Incorporating CSR into management strategy -

With other employees present, the meeting participants engaged in a candid and indepth conversation on the relationship between management strategy and CSR and on Hitachi Solutions's CSR from the perspective of ISO 26000. Taking the form of an open roundtable discussion, the meeting achieved significant stakeholder engagement.

Environmental stakeholder discussion

Under the theme of, "Expectations for Hitachi Solutions in the Area of Environmental Conservation Over the Next Decade," Hitachi Solutions organized a discussion between its officer responsible for environmental issues, members of the Environment Promotion Division, and Mr. Hiroshi Yokoyama, director of the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry.

Contributing to Social Innovation

We shared ideas on what CSR is all about with Ms. Kumi Fujisawa, vice president of the private think tank SophiaBank, who gave us an insightful feedback about our company's CSR.

For successful environmental activities in cooperation with NPO

We held a round-table meeting focused on Hitachi Solutions environmental activities. Four NPOs involved in Tokyo Greenship Action joined us in the discussion and exchanged views on our future collaboration.