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Vehicle Communication Platform For Cooperative ITS C2X Middleware Platform

HITACHI provides a Car to X (C2X) platform to enable safer and greener driving assistance and to increase driving comfort, by analyzing in real-time surrounding information and by providing enhanced services.

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  • We want to integrate in our vehicular systems a dedicated communication stack.

    Hitachi provides a complete platform including message specification for C2X communication.

  • We want our vehicles to communicate each other all around the world.

    Our middleware is compliant with the different standard specifications used in each region.

  • We want to enhance automotive safety and enable autonomous driving.

    Vehicle detailed information can be transmitted using C2X communication.
    C2X can be applied to a wide range of field varying from driving assistance system to autonomous driving.

C2X Middleware Platform - Concept

Exchanging information among humans, vehicles, and roads allows ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) for preventing road-related problems such as accidents or traffic jams or pollution.
Especially the combination of cooperative ITS, ICT and automotive control technology, is the enabling factor for smart, green and safe driving.
Hitachi's C2X Middleware Platform provides a Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure communication platform. It enables real-time surrounding information analysis coming via wireless communication, enhancing the capacity of on-board data fusion side of other sensors.

C2X Middleware Platform - Characteristics / Features

Middleware/Device Control

Lightweight, fast, and high functionality next generation cooperative vehicle communication platform, suitable for embedded systems, car navigation, cellular phone, digital consumer electronics etc.

It is possible to apply your system globally in compliant with European, American, and Japanese Standard.

Suitable for embedded environments

Lightweight, Compact implementation for embedded system

Support for multiple OS

Support for POSIX compliant system including RTOS

Support CPU

ARM, Intel(x86), etc.

Support for multiple H/W

Support for IEEE802.11p or ARIB STD-T109 compliant H/W

Compliant with Standard

  • ETSI ITS standard
  • IEEE 1609.X standard
  • SAE standard
  • ITS Connect standard

Field Experience

  • ETSI Plugtests (C2X interoperability + specification compliance tests)
  • USDOT PlugFest (V2X interoperability + specification compliance tests)
  • Field Trial Experience : DriveC2X/SCORE@F/Autonet2030
    * Hitachi contributes to the standardization of the C2X standard in ETSI TC ITS and C2C-CC.


Making use of "C2X Middleware Platform" enables your system to communicate with other vehicles and with infrastructure minimizing the application development cost and improving maintainability and reliability.

Based on the C2X Middleware Core part, we provide the most suitable environment for your communication platform.

C2X Middleware Platform Product Scope

C2X Middleware Platform Product Scope

C2X Middleware Platform Main Products

C2X Middleware Core Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure communication framework
C2X Add-ons Application components for added-value services using C2X Middleware Platform

Offer the following tools in C2X Middleware Platform support.

C2X Tools Suitable environments for verification, testing and application development

Product Installation Figure Image

Product Installation Figure


Individual quotation.

About C2X/V2X

C2X is the generic term to describe the communication technologies in the automotive domain which enable cars and infrastructure to talk each other.

C2X enables safer driving assistance since it allows to analyze surrounding information from other vehicles like position, speed, car control information, etc.
and infrastructure information, e.g. traffic light, highway regulation, traffic information, etc.

This product meets eight criteria, energy conservation, resources saving, reusability, etc, defined by Hitachi Group's DfE (Design for Environment) Assessment.

C2X Middleware Platform enables green and safer driving assistance to analyze in real-time surrounding information leading to the traffic reduction.

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